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More People Turn To Gluten Free Alternatives

It’s Coeliac UK Awareness Week – 11th-17th May 2020

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit the UK, gluten free flour producer Oast to Host has experienced an unexpected surge in online sales. Not only have the cake and pastry flours been flying off shelves but the personalised “Message in a Million” treats too.

“We are so happy to think that our products might be bringing a little joy to people at such an awful time. I feel so sorry for everyone who won’t get to spend their birthday with friends, or anniversaries without any treats.” Says Claire Forster, co-owner of Oast to Host.

“We’re only too happy to help out, gluten free or not, it’s a time for us all to pull together. We have generated a coupon code SPREADKINDNESS on our website offering you 10% off your order, while the country is in national crisis.” Says Forster.

Oast to Host’s Gluten Free Pastry Flour

Since its launch at the end of last year, Oast to Host has been working with chefs, home cooks, bakers and caterers alike to illustrate the diversity of its flour range. Now as the pandemic really hits and traditional flour sources have been hit hard, households are looking for alternative home-baking options.

Oast to Host launched a range of flours in 2019 which are cleverly designed to create perfect crisp shortcrust or light puff pastry as well as a fabulously versatile cake sponge.  The flour range is completely gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian. When it comes to working with gluten free flours, this range will change your mind forever.

 “Please don’t feel nervous, our Oast to Host Pastry flour is so easy to use, roll and bake which makes it perfect for beginner or expert bakers. The result is crunchy and smooth, impossible to tell apart from ordinary pastry. The flour blend is extremely versatile as it can be made into sweet, plain or dairy free shortcrust, puff pastry or shortbread.” Says Oast to Host co-owner Sally Black. “Oast to Host Cake Flour creates a really moist light sponge which is perfect for sticky toffee pudding, scones, blinis, biscuits and of course, cakes.”

The range is available in environmentally friendly paper based recyclable packaging

The flour range is available online RRP from £4.00 for 450g from www.oasttohost.com.

There are also catering sizes available: 3.5kg, 16kg or 25kg bags.


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