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Macknade’s Five Small Changes

The team at Macknade, Kent’s favourite food hall, is encouraging customers to make five small changes to their shopping habits for the good of the planet.

While the diets may have slipped and Dry January was scrapped soon after lockdown three was announced, there are some small changes we can easily embrace to make us feel good about our choices all year.

Macknade is well-known for putting environmental considerations at the forefront of its decision making, having already initiated a major reduction in plastic packaging, repurposing excess fruit and vegetables, and switching to renewable energy sources. It is these small changes in local business and community that are creating greater global shifts.

Shop sustainably with Macknade with these five small changes:

1-Buy Seasonal, Buy Loose – Shop for seasonal produce and limit food waste. Check out some of these recipes on the Macknade blog for in-season and leftover inspiration.

2-Sustainably sourced – choose pasture-fed British meat and sustainably caught fish from Macknade’s Faversham butchery.

3-Unpackaged – Use the dried goods dispensers in Faversham for your rice, pulses, nuts and muesli. This can reduce excess packaging, limit waste, and save money.

4-Yoghurt dispenser – For locally made, thick and creamy Ottie’s yoghurt, try out the only yoghurt dispenser in the country, available from the deli at Macknade’s Faversham Food Hall!

5-Refill – Bring your own containers from home. You can visit either store and choose cold cuts of meat, cheeses, olives & salads to be weighed and placed in your own containers on the deli counters. There is also a refill station in Faversham for your oils and vinegar.

“There is no doubt that more of us are reflecting on our food choices, considering not only taste and quality, but also provenance, value and the environmental impact of our purchases. We are keen to demonstrate that it is possible to enjoy local and convenient shopping whilst also being conscious of the environment. We’ve put in place numerous systems and refill stations so that customers can still enjoy their favourite products whilst doing their bit to reduce unnecessary plastic and waste,” comments Commercial Director Shane Godwin.

For recipes and more information about shopping sustainably with Macknade visit www.macknade.com or join the Macknade Cooking Club on Facebook to share your recipes.


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