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Pro tips for your best NYE Cocktails ever!

So, New Year’s Eve is on….!  Boris hasn’t locked us down, the guests are invited (- on the proviso they’ve done a lateral flow test beforehand), the playlist is on standby, now for the all-important celebratory cocktails….

Whatever your cocktail of choice, brothers Jon and Dan from Kent-based mobile bar business The Thirsty Farrier have some top pro tips for making sure your drinks are dressed to impress!

Picture Perfect Passionfruit Martinis. Photo credit: Wildflower Studio
  • Struggling to get the perfect amount of foam on your espresso martinis? Ensure you’re using hot/freshly-brewed espresso to get the perfect amount of foam after you shake!
  • When pouring the cocktail, always hold the sieve inside the glass and pull it up gently as you pour, to ensure the foam develops at the top of the cocktail.
  • When mojito making – be gentle with your mint leaves. So many people tear and batter the mint leaves throughout the mixing process, but that can increase the bitterness. Instead, mix them gently and simply tap the mint before mixing to bring out the flavour.
  • When pouring any cocktail from a shaker, do so confidently to avoid any foam sitting at the bottom.
  • Shake, shake, and shake some more! Ensure you shake your cocktails properly before serving. We advise you shake them vigorously until you notice condensation on the outside of the jigger, in order to deliver a cool and crisp finish to the cocktail.
  • Use fresh ingredients! If you’re adding fruit or garnishes to your cocktail, make sure they’re fresh and never wilting. 
  • Don’t forget about presentation. The best thing about drinking cocktails isn’t just the taste – but also how it looks. Always choose garnishes like mint leaves, edible violas, petals, limes, and lemon slices, to enhance the vibrant colour and creativeness of your delicious cocktail.
Fresh ingredients add the finishing touches. Photo credit: Wildflower Studio.

For more details, visit www.thethirstyfarrier.co.uk  or follow them on social media @thethirstyfarrier.

Wishing you a Happy New Year full of delicious food and drink from all the team at Taste Kent!


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