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Nectvs Launches

Kent is a veritable cornucopia of incredible brands and this is no less true for Nectvs the first spirit to launch from True British Spirit, which describes itself as “a luxurious thoroughbred spirit for the truly discerning drinker”.

Nectvs is created from fruit grown and hand-picked from the Bardsley Estate, the HQ is based near Staplehurst. 

This beautifully mellow fruit has been pressed and distilled before being united with pure juice drawn from the same crop to enliven a distinctly natural flavour. 

Enjoy these spirits after dinner as a digestif, over ice or with tonic or other mixers to create a refreshing long drink.

Nectvs Apricot Spirit 34% ABV 50cl (£90)

Apricot Spirit is like a British day in springtime with bursts of sweetness perfectly balanced by zesty citrus. The aromas of this refreshing spirit combine notes of heather and almond.

Nectvs Plum Spirit 34% ABV 50cl (£90)

The richness of the autumnal palette gives way to a comforting whisper of spicy cinnamon. The deep flavour is born of hand-picked single-estate plums that are grown, harvested, and distilled right here in England.

Nectvs makes an exquisite gift presented in a luxurious tactile magnetic soft close presentation box.

“At True British Spirit, the aim is to ensure no fruit is left behind. The company only use fruit that has been grown in the grounds of its estate, benefiting from generations of experience, handled with care and harvested with the environment in mind.” Comments Georgia Bardsley, Founder of Nectvs.

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