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Taste Kent Meets Laura Taylor

This week, Taste Kent caught up with local entrepreneur Laura Taylor who’s Mobile Bar Business WildBox Events has been phenomenally successful.

For those readers that haven’t yet heard of Wild Box, please tell us a little more about your business.

Wild Box is a mobile bar company based in Kent, travelling across the south east and London serving drinks created using artisan products out of a converted horse box which has been turned into a swanky little bar. 

What does your average client look like?

There is no average Wild Box client. In this, my first year I have worked on events from christenings to horse trials, we tailor the bar to what you require but one thing each customer will receive is a quality service, quality products and a show piece for their event.

How can people book wild box?

You can find us online at our website (www.wildboxevents.co.uk) or across all social media channels where you will find contact information. Drop me and email (info@wildboxevents.co.uk) or a call and we can talk through your requirements.

Where did you get the idea for your business?

The idea for Wild Box came about almost 3 years ago now. After working on mobile bars for over 10 years alongside my full time job with Land Rover I wanted to create something high end and unique. I put mood boards together and worked hard to find the right look for my brand and design for the bar. Imagine a top London bar but outside… it needed to have the wow factor! The horse box itself had been in my family’s ownership for over 20 years and was what we as children along with our ponies were carted around Kent in to go to horse shows… however, I think a more cost effective option would have been to just buy a new horse box as most of it was rotten.  

Bar and brand sorted I needed something to sell. I am passionate about Kent and supporting local business so naturally I began looking at what was on my doorstep. It was important to offer a range of beautifully crafted products, to understand them and to be just as passionate about like those who crafted them.

Have you brought  any new products to the bar recently?

The most recent thing I have bought for the bar is a dehydrator which is very cool however I am still trying to figure out how to use it properly. Wild Box is not open everyday so after an event I often have waste fruit which is bought for my drink garnishes. In order to reduce my waste I have started dehydrating so that it can be saved and used for my other events. 

What are your plans for this year and beyond; what does a Wild Box shaped future look like?

For the remainder of 2019 I shall be focussing on 2020. This year has been about getting a feel for the industry, what might work, what does work and then what doesn’t. I needed to figure out the competition and what I can do differently to stand out. Its all still a working progress and I am sure next year ill make mistakes somewhere along the way, but the plan is to expand on what I am doing, be at more events and hopefully have a second unit.


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