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Nim’s Offer 30% Off Any Home-Delivery During the Crisis

In a bid to help families to stock nutritious long-lasting fruit (and vegetable) snacks in their homes, Nim’s has launched a 30% off initiative for any items ordered on their website www.nimsfruitcrisps.com by using the discount code SNACKNIMS30.

Perfect for all the family, each bag of Nim’s contains fruit which has been air-dried not fried and make up 1 of your 5 day.

Nim’s Kids are perfect home-schooling treats, Nim’s Share Bags for the whole family and some people may be interested in a few Nim’s Infusions citrus slices which are designed to perk up your gin and tonic. 

Nim’s Kids Mixed Box is available in Amazing Apple and Perfect Pineapple, priced at £10.50 for 7 packs of each (£7.35 with the offer).

Nim’s Share Bags contain 3 portions. If you can’t eat them all in one go, share them with your isolation buddies. Priced at £1.95 (now £1.36 with the offer).  

Nim’s Infusions rehydrate in liquid and as they are air dried, a process which intensifies the taste of the fruits, they add bold natural flavour and aroma to any drink.  Priced from £2.50 per pack (£1.75 with the offer).

www.nimsfruitcrisps.com Discount code SNACKNIMS30


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