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Copper Rivet Distillery of Chatham, Kent, has released Masthouse Single Malt Whisky (45% ABV), its first single-estate, farm to glass whisky.

Crafted by Head Distiller, Abhi Banik, Masthouse Whisky is a natural, unfiltered Whisky, pot-distilled and matured in ex-bourbon and virgin American white oak barrels.  It strikes the perfect balance of rich complexity and approachability and is the first very limited release of their core Masthouse whisky range, with Column Malt and Grain whiskies to be released over the next 12-24 months.

Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate Whisky, made in accordance with the distillery’s INVICTA Whisky Charter™ which sets outs the rules and standards to which Copper Rivet’s whiskies will be made. Each bottle sold, will be accompanied by a copy of the Invicta Whisky Charter.

Made with specially grown Kentish malted barley, Belgravia, from the nearby Isle of Sheppey, this beguiling spirit is inspired by the ancient craft of mast-making at Chatham’s Royal Dockyard, where the Whisky is distilled.

View of Copper Rivet Distillery

Mast-making required incredible attention to detail.  To harness the power of the wind, the mast had to be formidably strong. Finding the tree took a discerning eye; and waiting for the timber to be seasoned for strength in Chatham’s mast ponds took patience. Dire consequences awaited those who rushed a mast’s production or settled for inferior raw materials.

Masthouse Whisky is crafted with that same pursuit for perfection. With only the best ingredients and equipment, a meticulous attention to detail has been vital, along with the patience to wait while the spirit marries and matures to achieve the finest depth of flavour.

Inside the Copper Rivet Distillery

Copper Rivet Distillery’s co-founder Stephen Russell comments, “We’re obsessive about creating beautiful, accessible spirits for people’s enjoyment and the way we’ve built our whisky distillery reflects that. We’re not in Scotland, so we have some flexibility in the process. Among the most significant differences between Scotch and English whisky is that England’s whisky distillers are not bound to using only certain types of casks and stills. So we have a big opportunity to be creative and innovative in the way we bring flavour through. Also, let’s not forget that the weather conditions in Kent and Scotland differ significantly – for example, Kent’s climate is much warmer and drier.

“Nonetheless, we wanted to give consumers a clear idea of what to expect from Masthouse Whisky, so we created the INVICTA Whisky Charter™. This is our declaration of the high standards we apply to making whisky so that our customers can trust and appreciate the spirit. Every bottle clearly details the grain variety we use, the name of the field in which the grain was grown and the barrel numbers from which the spirit was taken.

“With Masthouse Whisky we aim to go over the top in our quest to produce a fascinating and elegant whisky which competes with the best from around the world on flavour and quality.”

Masthouse Whisky Bottle Strength, 45% ABV is available from Master of Malt and from www.copperrivetdistillery.com, RRP £45 (50cl bottle). Its inaugural batch of 2124 bottles sold out within a month of the November launch. A second batch of the 2017 Vintage was released from its casks in December and will ship at the beginning of February 2021.  

Head Distiller Abhi Banik’s tasting note:

Masthouse Whisky Bottle Strength, 45% ABV

Green apple and ginger biscuit, tropical fruits and floral mid-notes, chocolate orange on the palate finished with malt and white pepper.

Find out more about Masthouse Whisky: https://youtu.be/uer4eV9K2TY


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