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Warm Weather Brings Early Harvest for Chapel Down

Kentish winemaker Chapel Down has begun an early harvest thanks to the excellent weather this year. The company’s Kit’s Coty vineyard in Kent has seen growing conditions just perfect for Vintage 2020

Pick of the bunch: Richard Lewis, Chapel Down’s Head of Viticulture checking on the grapes as an early harvest begins for England’s largest winemaker.

Richard Lewis, Head of Viticulture, Chapel Down says, “This latest burst of warm weather, after a long and warm growing season, provides us the perfect conditions to pick our early ripening Bacchus grapes from our finest site, Kit’s Coty Vineyard. Situated on the North Downs of Kent this extraordinary, multi-award-winning site forms part of a network of vineyards across the North Downs that Chapel Down will be picking this autumn. Here’s to another vintage year for English Wine!”

Tiberiu Serban member of the harvesting team at Chapel Down.

Early morning mist sets the scene for the start of the British grape season. Tiberiu Serban, grape picker, is part of the early harvesting team at Kit’s Coty vineyard. The company is England’s largest winemaker and has described “perfect growing conditions” for Vintage 2020.

Grape pickers begin harvesting early at Chapel Down
Adelina Serban, grape picker begins harvesting early at Chapel Down following excellent growing conditions for Vintage 2020

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Photographs courtesy of John Nguyen.


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